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West Coast

What a beautiful coastline. We walked most of the trails - most of the forest walks have well-maintained boardwalks, some well-worn, others brand new. The azaleas are in full bloom everywhere, bringing a festive air to everything. While we did not see any wolves, bears, or whales, we did run across a small snake basking in the sun, a black slug, a mottled yellow banana slug, lots of crows and robins, centipedes. Not many midges or mosquitoes at all. The woods are cool, perfect for walking.

Tofino has an excellent restaurant - Wolf in the Fog; a coffee bar with one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted; a well-worth-the visit botanical garden, and a Roy Henry Vickers art gallery, amongst other attractions.

This attractive octopus came out to entertain us at the Ucluelet catch-and-release aquarium. I enjoyedthe aquarium tremendously!

Green anemones! Whale fetus.

The Botanical Gardens: another high point.

I highly recommend Norwoods Restaurant in Ucluelet! h/t:
Tofino, Tofino Botanical …

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